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Secrets of Marine Battery

No equipment works without battery these days. Most of the new technologies have batteries with them, be it a torch, clocks, cars or your smartphone. Similarly, boats and ships these days also contain batteries and work via them. They are not simple like in the small devices but are designed suiting the marine climate. As you can imagine, they are different than the other types of batteries you see on daily purposes. The specialty of these batteries is they can survive in humidity and would not get discharged, as your cell phone battery does when it falls into the bucket of water.Must Check latest marine battery on google+ and pick the suitable one
Now there are a few secrets you of good marine batteries that you should know before you purchase one:
No Decomposition
The Best Marine battery are generally designed for the humid atmosphere and thus, they would not face any decomposition. The mud doesn’t affect them if they fall into a moisture filled area. Moreover, they are mud resistant. You can take them to any atmosphere and they would still be working fine. Even the charger of the battery would be as such that it wouldn’t be affected by the climatic changes.if whould you like to purcahes battery then go best marine battery guides website and take the best one for your boat. marine battery
Choose one Battery Chemistry
You must stick with either flooded, gel or AGM battery. You shouldn’t mix all times of batteries together. It is because each battery needs different charging voltage. Thus, if you charge the mixed batteries at once, it will most probably lead to either under charging or over charging. This could have a grave impact. You don’t want the Marine to stop working midway nor do you want the batteries to lose their backup power.
Don’t Mix Old with New.
If you are changing the batteries, you should replace them all together. It is because the old ones will deteriorate the new batteries along with it. There is no way that over all capacity would increase if you mix. It would only be more wastage of money in the long run.
Maximize Battery Life.
You can increase the battery life by keeping in mind that you must regulate charge voltage according to the battery temperature and how much they can accept. The charger should be suitable enough to deliver sufficient amperage. Only then the battery banks would charge appropriately. It would give a boost to the efficiency of marine.

Distilled Water Should Be Added When Needed.
Flooded lead acid batteries can be improved if you add a bit of distilled water to them. And always keep the batteries charged. They have a tendency to get damaged if you keep them in a discharged state for long.
Corrosion Can Be Cleaned.
Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it on the batteries if they have corroded. You will be able to renew its life. Also ensure that the batteries remain cool, clean and dry when they are in operation.

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